April 2013

Google Contacts Cleanup (no numbers) and iPhone Sync

After playing with a couple iphone apps that sync facebook and google+ accounts with my iphone contacts, which then did a sync back to my google contacts, havoc was created in a once organized environment. Once this has happened when you open your phone to scroll to a contact it could take 10 minutes. This

April 2013

Android 2.2 Image and CSS3 Gradient Banding

If you run into an issue where your CSS3 gradients and images don’t look right in Android, it’s because Android 2.2 and lower use 16bit RGB for graphics, here is a link from Romain Guy that explains it. This might have saved me time trying to save my PSDs in creative ways. Tags: css3 gradient

February 2013


I am finally deciding to update my website since I haven’t done that in ages. I’m still playing around with the colors but this should end up having all the popular keywords one could hope for: responsive design, mobile first design, CSS3, SASS, font icons, and HTML9.

November 2012

2012 Custom Dock Icons for Lion

While I was waiting for my portion of the Gardein Holiday Roast I decided I didn’t like my dock icons so I redid them. Having them all the same size is fantastic for OCD. Here is an image of all the icons i did. I saved them in png format then used this site to

May 2012

Sublime Text 2 – OSX end of line key preference

When I upgraded Sublime Text 2 after installing OSX Lion I couldn’t figure out the shortcut key to get to the beginning of a line or the end of a line which was frustrating. Luckily Sublime let’s us modify everything we want. Here is a JSON snippet to add to Sublime. Open your file menu

December 2011

Better Dev Dock Icons

I got sick of staring at a couple of the standard dock icons. XAMPP and FileZilla were especially horrid. Less wasn’t as bad, but the weird balance of the logo was driving me crazy. FileZilla Goodbye red stamp looking thing Less App If you aren’t using Less yet, you’re really wasting time writing CSS. XAMPP

February 2011

HTML5 and IE

Last week playing crying with HTML5 semantic markup elements in Internet Explorer I found a few issues I haven’t ran across yet. So I’m putting them here so I don’t pull my hair out next time I have to deal with Internet Exploder. The first issue is related to calling the submit function within the

December 2010

My Best iPhone Apps 2010

Here is a list of my favorite 3rd party iPhone apps that I’ve accumulated among my iPhone history. Best Streaming Media Application: ZumoCast allows you to stream audio or video to a browser or to your iPhone app. So you can use it on your iPhone and your laptop browser. The reason ZumoCast came in

December 2010

Shane Acuff Tattoos

One of my really good friends Shane Acuff has been drawing amazing things all his life. 4 years ago he decided he should get paid to do what he loves so he started doing tattoos. His tattoos are some of the best artwork I’ve seen. Naturally I had to do his website for him. He

December 2010

Girlfriend’s Tattoo

My girlfriend got a traditional style sparrow tattoo on each shoulder by Shane Acuff. As I watched him tattoo her I noticed all of the shading and detail that he put into it so I tried to duplicate the effects in Photoshop. There are probably more efficient ways then what I did but I learned

December 2010

Coaster Brake Customs

My buddy Sean loves bikes. He loves taking bike parts and making awesome custom bikes. He asked me to put together a website for him and I think it came out pretty well. CoasterBrakeCustoms.com Created using: WordPress, jQuery, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS2

December 2010

Go Vegan!

In February 2011 I will have been Vegan for 11 years. The main reason I’m vegan is because I think our society is civilized to a point where it is unnecessary to consume or use animals products to maintain health. While I was practicing my pen tool skills I made this little A.L.F. (Animal Liberation

December 2010

137 clothing website

For this site I used Ruby on Rails as the framework along with the Substruct Rails Engine. I also threw jQuery and jQueryUI in for some neat animation effects for the shopping cart and product views. If the site is still up you can check it out at http://137clothing.com. Created Using: Ruby on Rails, jQuery